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About Your Anoox Book
Your Anoox Book, contains all your Posts. This means all your Questions, Discussions, Photos, Videos or Polls; all in 1 place for you to Share with the World. Allowing you to Share what you have Published, whether for Public or Private display and discussions, in one place. People visiting your Anoox Book will be able to filter your Posts by Questions, Photos, Videos, Polls. So whether you want to discuss Today's current events, debate your business ideas, share Photos and Videos from your latest trip, or break a News Story with Video and Text, etc. etc., you can do all this via your Anoox Book.
Benefits of your Anoox Book
To give out your Anoox Book, you have 2 choices
You can have your Anoox Book be Password required in which case only people you have given the password to will be able to access your Anoox Book