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- because Search engine & Social network are essential services
The World, in particular People and Small businesses on Main street, need non-profit Choice in regard to all important Search engine & Social network, because these are Gatekeeper platforms which means they control or greatly influence what People & Businesses know, like & buy, etc.. As such they are essential services on par with Roads, Bridges, Trains, Parks, Healthcare, Electric Utility, etc. that People in the modern World cannot live without. And just as these essential services are operated in most modern Nations with some non-profit options, via combination of Government and Private funding, we need same for these internet based essential services. However to date no one has developed and operated a non-profit Social network & Search engine but for us here at Anoox. So please look into Sponsoring Anoox so that together we can make the future a better place.
Top Reasons to become Sponsor of Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network
Search engine & Social network are essential services so the Public needs a non-profit choice that puts these Public services above all else
Public needs a Search engine & Social network that without bias addresses the spread of fake news and hate messages; while preserving freedom of expression
Public needs a Search engine & Social network that does not track them and respects Peoples data as being theirs
Small businesses are getting crushed in the new digital economy, so we need to create a "Level Playing Field" for Small businesses to compete on - as we are trying to do
These are Big goals with Big rewards, so although we here at Anoox have achieved much toward these Big goals via our sheer love and passion for these essential services to be operated as Public services, the fact of the matter is that true realization of these goals are way above the means of any non-profit organization so such organization needs to be supported by Private and/or Government sponsors to carry out these Big missions for the benefit of the Public
Anoox is the only non-profit integration of Search engine and Social network, to our knowledge. It has been under real World development and testing for more than 10 Years. And after 10 Years of development and refinement Anoox services are robust able to Scale to Millions of daily users. So to say that Anoox is unique and worthy of sponsorship is to put it mildly as it is nearly impossible to do what we have done
By becoming an Anoox Sponsor you can lead the way to a better future for the Web and for the Public who depend on essential services of Search engine & Social network for their business and daily life and benefit from this better future

If you appreciate the above facts, we Urge you to become a Sponsor of Anoox and lead the way to a better future. In return, Anoox will officially acknowledge your Sponsorship via various methods appropriate to your sponsorship level.

Sponsorship Levels
  • Government Sponsor: $500,000+/yr
  • University Endowments: $250,000+/yr
  • Big Business (1000+ employees): $150,000/yr
  • Medium Size Business (100 to 1000 employees): $100,000/yr
  • Small Business (10 to 100 employees): $10,000/yr

To become a Sponsor of Anoox and help the Public who depend on these essential services and make the future a better place, please contact us

Note: you can Sponsor us without any monetary payments but by providing us essential services we need to operate and grow this MASSIVE Search engine and Social network, such as by providing us with Dedicated Server hosting, PR, Advertising, etc.

If becoming an Sponsor is not an option for your organization please consider simply Donating or Volunteering your time or becoming a Partner

Our Mission: to Empower and Connect 1-Billion People Together to Make the Future a Better Place
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