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Advertising that is Easy, Effective & Low Cost
For the most effective Traffic to your Site for lowest cost of advertising
ONLY non-profit
Search engine & Social network, your
1 choice
for effective low cost Traffic
Where Small businesses
SAVE 50 to 99%+
on Advertising costs compared to Big Tech Google™, Facebook™, etc. - details
Where Small businesses
SAVE 1000s of Dollars/Euros
per Month on Advertising costs - not for everyone but for many
Free to display
your Ads - only pay for Clicks for qualified people to come to your Site
Target your Ads based on Keywords, Topics, GEO, Age & Gender - resulting in
most effective Traffic
Cancel any time - if you think this is not
BEST Advertising value
for your Site - Bar None
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Know The Facts
Only 1
Anoox is the 1 and only non-profit Social network & Search engine in the World and has been so for 10+ Years. Since it is so impossible to develop such a network on non-profit basis -
  • There is a very good reason for this: because it takes Tons of Capital to develop an integrated Search Engine & Social Network
  • And no VC Wall Street Banker wants to make such MASSIVE investment of Capital and then watch it operate on non-profit basis
  • For benefit of
    YOU Small Businesses
    on Main Street rather than operate on for-Profit basis
  • For benefit of Wall Street Bankers on Wall Street as are the case with Big Tech of Google™, Facebook™, etc.
  • Details
1000s $/€ Saved
Most Small business SAVES 1000s of $/€ er Month by Advertising on Anoox non-profit Social network & Search engine compared to Big Tech of Google™, Facebook™
  • As the non-profit Search engine & Social network one of our Key missions is delivery of effective lowest cost Advertising to Small Businesses
  • We do this by being
    Free of profit
    and share price motivations on Wall Street unlike Mega for profit Big Tech of Google™, Facebook™ etc.
  • We do this by not accepting Big Business Advertising. Thus creating a
    Level Playing Field
    for Small Businesses to compete on
  • These are real SAVINGS that your Small Business can use to hire more People, take longer vacations, spend more time with Family, etc. investment in yourself and local community rather than send this money to some Billionaire Yahoos on Silicon Valley & Wall Street who are already oogeling in Billions
  • Details
90% 3+ Years
More than 90% of our Small business Advertising clients advertise with Anoox for 3+ Years, which is ultimate testimony as to unmatched Advertising value we deliver to Small businesses -
  • Advertise on Big Tech Search engines & Social networks such as Google™, Facebook™, etc., and you would see $/€ 10s of 1000s of per Month charged to you for Advertising costs
  • You would then know why for many Small businesses Advertising on Anoox is a
    business life-saver
  • Since on avergae it costs only $/€ 75 per Month to Advertise on Anoox (per Ad Group)
  • This is why 90% of Small businesses that Advertise on Anoox stay as Advertisers for 3+ Years
  • Because we offer them (YOU) unmatched Advertising value as the ONLY non-profit Search Engine & Social Network
  • Details
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Consider These Additional Facts
We Donate 100% of any profits we make to Social and Environmental causes that benefit People & Small businesses on Main Street. So when you Advertise on Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network, beside getting most effective lowest cost Advertising for Small businesses, you will also be
supporting Good causes
- Details
Your purchase of Advertising comes with 14 days 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE. So if you do not think this is the
Best Buy in Advertising
for your Small business, just let us know and we will refund you in FULL - Details
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If you still have any questions about Advertising on Anoox non-profit Search engine & Social network, please 1st check out Advertiser FAQ. If the FAQ does not answer your questions or concerns, please drop us a line with any questions that you have and we shall do our best to answer you right away - Contact Advertising
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