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Question By Real_News
Viewed: 3,358
1 year 8 months ago
1 year 8 months ago
Why does Georgia USA have 22 times Covid-19 deaths of Australia?
Politics World, Politics USA, Health
1st, some facts:

Georgia USA has population of 10.5 Mill [1]
Georgia has 10,500 Covid-19 deaths [2]

Australia (country) has population of 25.7 Mill [3]
Australia has 905 Covid-19 deaths [4]

This means adjusting for population Georgia USA has 22 times WORSE Covid-19 death of Australia (country).

And lets also state that Australia had many more direct flights from China than Georgia/Altana ever did. And in Australia wearing a face-masks is not mandatory as are in GA as in most US states.

So the real question is: Why does State of Georgia USA have 20+ times Covid-19 deaths of Australia? AND why the Democrats running for Senate elections, Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock, not asking this damming question? Which question alone would destroy the 2 Republicans whom are running for re-election whom as Senators of this State are of course responsible for this US states, like all US states, having Covid-19 deaths 10 to 50 times worse than other developed Nations such as Australia. Answer to which is that Australia like all developed Nations has Universal socialized healthcare [6], what the Republican senate candidates call "Socialism" and oppose. Why is that?

P.S., these numbers get worse if you compare Covid-19 deaths in Georgia to New Zealand. Since NZ has had 25 Covid-19 death for the entire country of 5-Mill. This means USA GA has 200 times worse Covid-19 deaths than NZ adjusting for population.

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