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Question By Yes2goodideas
Viewed: 122,778
1 year 2 months ago
1 year 2 months ago
Will Tokyo Olympic be great sporting event like Euro 2021 or a dystopian freak show?
Sports, Olympics, Health
Euro 2020 - France H ...
Euro 2020 - Swedish ...
Euro 2020 - Players ...
Euro 2020 - Players ...
Euro 2020 - Mass Cro ...
Euro 2020 - Athletes ...
Wimbledon 2021 - 100 ...
UFC 264 Vegas - 100% ...
UFC 264 Vegas - almo ...
Euro 2020 - France Hungary - 100% Fan Capacity - 0% increase in Covid
Euro 2020 - Swedish fans in Russia
Euro 2020 - Players MASS Hugging
Euro 2020 - Players Mega Hugging
Euro 2020 - Mass Crowd of Fans
Euro 2020 - Athletes Hugging as they like
Wimbledon 2021 - 100% Fan capacity
UFC 264 Vegas - 100% Fan Capacity
UFC 264 Vegas - almost Zero Face Masks
Officials in charge of the Tokyo Olympic which is in few days have announced the most bizarre draconian limitations for these Olympics due to Covid fear. They are:

1- No fans from other countries allowed - see
2- And now comes the news that NO fans will be allowed at all, unless you are Rich / VIP - see
3- And the truly bizarre dystopian restrictions that Athletes cannot Hug, Hi-five, Handshake, or Sing - see

Meanwhile over the last Month or so we have been viewing these 3 great Sporting events:
1- the Euro 2020 Football tournament
2- the Wimbledon Tennis
3- UFC 264 in Vegas

And in case of these sporting events, stadiums were packed to various degrees, from 50% to 100% full in most cases:
- 100% fan capacity packed in case of matches in Budapest to 50% capacity in case of London
- in case of Wimbledon matches stadiums were packed with fans from 50% to 100%, according to official records, although looking with our OWN Eyes we could see that the center court stadiums in Wimbledon was always at full capacity since people were seating shoulder to shoulder from one end to other
- in case of UFC 264 at 100% fan capacity

And in case of all of these tournaments, fans were attending from all different countries, with the fans drinking and having a merry good times, as you can see in attached photos or the Video below. And of course in all these other sporting events the players and coaches could Hug and Hi-five as much as Humanly possible. All of which again you can see in attached Photos. With the Hugs in the Euro 2020 matches some times by passing 50 People piled on top of each other!

What the Hek is going on with Tokyo Olympic where they are so worried about Covid and as result they have all these bizarre draconian limitations which these other major sporting events did not have?

So will you watch this dystopian freak show called Tokyo Olympic where the Fans are Banned and the Athletes cannot even Hug or Sing?
OR do you think that Olympic should be at once canceled out of Japan and moved into a country such as Russia or Hungry where the stadiums are at 100% capacity and they welcome fans from around the World and of course they do not have the truly idiotic banning of Athletes from Hugging?

What do you THINK?

And last but not least: Why is the Big Media not asking these damning questions?
And why is Google manipulating its results to these questions?
For example search on Google for:
"Why is Tokyo Olympic banning fans when there was 100% fan capacity at UFC 264"
"Why is Tokyo Olympic banning fans when there was 50 to 100% fan capacity at EU 2020"
and rather finding answers to these obvious questions, all you get from Google are fear-mongering about how bad Covid is!

Or if you enter in Google:
"Hungarian Government reports Zero increase in Covid after hosting 100% capacity Euro 2020 matches"
which fact you can see with your own Eyes in attached Video and Images

In response you will get NO such report from Hungarian Government, but instead Google will list Maximum fear-mongering posts about Covid such as:

- Euro 2020: WHO concerned about easing COVID restrictions
- Fact check: How high is the risk of contracting COVID-19 in a stadium?
- Coronavirus: A timeline of how the deadly outbreak is evolving
- Coronavirus Watch: Governments Rush to Secure Ventilators
- Euro 2020 crowds driving rise in COVID-19 infections, says WHO

I kid you not.
rather than getting from Google any posts about "Hungarian Government says Zero increase in Covid after hosting 100% capacity Euro 2020 matches"
Google will give you 1 fear-mongering after another listing about Covid!

What does this tell US?

Read Whole Article - 697 Words
EURO 2020 - Holland vs Czech - 100% Capacity - Hugging Singing & Drinking
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