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Discussion By World_Traveler
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1 year 10 months ago
1 year 10 months ago
UK ends all Covid restrictions including face-masks mandate, why doesnt US Media tell
Social Welfare, Politics USA, News Related
UK Government declared on Jan/19 that all Covid restrictions will end as of this Thursday, including NO more face-masks anywhere. Keeping in mind that this order were of course given with full medical analysis of British NHS which is their Universal Socialized Healthcare system. As you can see in video below by
the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson given to the Parliament.

And quoting: "Government will NO LONGER Mandate the wearing of face-masks anywhere..."
With the reasons givens: "We will trust the Judgment of the British People..."
With final argument that: "Covid is now an endemic such as Flu..."

But barely anyone in US Media has reported on this momentously positive news that!
That is not ABC, not CNN, not MNSBC, not Fox, not Washington Post, not NYT, etc. none of them reported on this excellently positive news!
However all these US Media sources reported as their headline news on one British minister stating a threatening message to Russia in regard to Ukraine [1]

And in USA Media is pouring out full fear-mongering about Covid and Omicron such as reporting that Covid cases and deaths are at all time record highs [2]
and new restrictions are being put in place by Democrats and Republicans [3]
and Biden Admin just announced that it is going to send 400-Mill free N95 face-masks to American People [4] and many States are declaring that even cloth
face-masks are not enough and you must wear the most dehumanizing face-masks of N95 as you can. With the Media savaging anyone who says enough with
these dehumanizing face-masks and instead lets do what British Government has done which is END all face-mask mandates.

So why is US Media not telling American People, as its headline news, the Super positive News UK is ending all Covid restrictions including face-masks?
And instead US Media reports on all negative fear-mongering based news?
What does this blatant cases of disinformation by Big Media tell US?
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