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Question By Lux_Report
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1 year 5 months ago
1 year 5 months ago
Why is US giving 10s of Billions to Ukraine when we have so many problems at Home!
Social Welfare, Politics USA, Politics Europe
Russian Ukraine Conf ...
US Iraq War
Russian Ukraine Conflict
US Iraq War
First I want to say that i totally oppose Russia War on Ukraine, just as I opposed US/UK War on Iraq

With that said: Democrats and Republicans are in total unity, that is there is NO divided congress, when it comes to sending 10s of Billions of Dollars to Ukraine. Such as $15-Bill here, $500 Mill here, and $800 Mill here, and why not $40-Bill here

But the same Republicans and Democrats when it comes to spending on American People & cities have total Political divide, aka we have a divided congress. With Republicans opposing such spending on American People & cities on basis of:
"We have debt crisis",
"We are borrowing from our grand children",
"The Constitution does now allow for it",

And meanwhile we have one catastrophe after another here in US which can use the Billions Republicans and Democrats are sending to Ukraine, such as:

1- 100,000 Americans DYING per Year from Opioids crisis, which means due to lack of affordable healthcare - here
and while as tragic as the situation in Ukraine is as of March/31 about 1000 Ukrainian have died due to Russian invasion. This means more Americans are DYING per Month on per Capita basis, due to Opioids crisis, due to lack of healthcare, than Ukrainian are dying during same time due to Russian invasion of Ukraine

2- 40,000 Americans DEAD per Year due to insane Gun violence, such as 6 just shot dead in Sacramento, 10 shot dead in Buffalo, just in last few days ago

3- 10,000+ Americans dying per year due to not being able to afford Insulin for type-1 diabetics, here
a death toll which is Zero in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, etc Eastern European nations as it is Zero in all European nations since they all have Universal socialized healthcare

So my questions are:

1- What happened to Republicans saying we have Debt Crisis and spending problem when it comes to spending money on American People yet same Republicans without a pip of send 10s of Billions to Ukraine?

2- Why are we American Tax payer sending 10s of Billions to Ukraine when we horrndous humanitarian crisis here at home?

3- And most importantly: Why are we American people having 10s of Billions of our badly needed funds sent to Ukraine when Ukraine is part of Europe and European Union is far Richer than USA and not suffering from all catastrophes we have here?

4- Why is there no attempt by Biden Admin to bring Peace to Russia Ukraine conflict and instead they just escalate escalate and escalate it more by sending more Weapons to Ukraine?

And why doesnt anyone in so called Media, from ABC to CNN to MSNBC to Fox etc, ask these Damning questions!
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