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Question By NewPope
Viewed: 1,455,945
8 months 2 weeks ago
8 months 2 weeks ago
What should be done about Supreme Court (insane) ruling on Guns?
Politics USA, Guns & Knifes, Government
Texas mass shooting ...
Vegas mass shooting ...
SandyHook shooting - ...
Texas mass shooting - Biden era
Vegas mass shooting - Trump era
SandyHook shooting - Obama era
Supreme court just passed a ruling that will undoubtedly make the horrendous Gun violence situation in USA even worse by striking down the most sensible Gun laws that is New York state's on carrying concealed handguns - here:

And Supreme courts logic for denying this NY restriction on Guns was this gem by Justice Clarence Thomas:
"We know of no other constitutional right that an individual may exercise only after demonstrating to government officers some special need"

But this is utter buffoonery. Since Government 100% restricts individuals so called constitutional right to carry Guns on many places such as Airplanes. And we do not see NRA or Supreme court strike down this 100% restriction on carrying Guns. And lets state we have had ZERO Mass shootings on any Airplanes in USA vs average of 1 Mass shootings per day in rest of USA. Now to further see what hypocrisy of falsehood this Supreme court ruling is consider the fact that you cannot carry Guns into Supreme court itself. In fact you have to pass through a Metal detector to enter Supreme court - here:

So what can we do to address this total hypocrisy, this assault of Supreme court on lives of ordinary Americans? Before answering this lets see how USA doing regarding Gun related deaths compared to all developed Nations whom all have strict Gun laws in place, such as:

1- USA has average of 1 Mass shooting per day from 27 Children slaughtered in Sandy Hook during Obama, to 61 Americans slaughtered in Vegas during Trump, to 19 Children slaughtered in Texas just few days ago during Biden. This compares to almost ZERO Mass shootings in UK, ZERO Mass shootings in Australia, over last 20+ Years since their conservative parties, repeat their Conservative parties, passed strict Gun bans
due to just 1 Mass shooting 20+ Years ago

2- Gun deaths were the leading killer of US children in 2020. Over the past several years, England, Scotland and Wales combined have seen around 30 gun deaths a year. By comparison, according to the CDC, the number of murders involving firearms in the United States in 2020 was almost 20,000 - here

Above facts means that far more Americans are killed every Year by our insane Gun laws supported by Republicans and the Supreme court so called Conservative judges than Alqeada or ISIS or Islamic Terrorist have ever killed! This means more Americans are Killed per Month due to our insane Gun laws than Ukrainians Killed per Month in tragic Russia Ukraine conflict!

Question is what can we do about this? One answer is to condemn these Supreme court ruling as New York Governor Kathy Hochul did by calling the ruling absolutely shocking But this is just talk. What real action can we take?

Here is one more: remove all Police protection of Supreme court justices. Remove their Armed guard and Metal detectors and have them live under same Terror of daily Mass shootings as typical American citizen does. If my office has NO Police protection and No Metal detectors, if my wife's offices has NO Police protection and No Metal detectors, so we live under Terror of of daily Mass shootings, have Supreme court have NO Police protection and No Metal detectors either and let them live under same Terror of of daily Mass shootings that we ordinary citizens live under, and we will see how quickly they will pass sane Gun laws that other developed Nations have passed. This the congress can do in a heart beat.

The real question then becomes what can we do if a bunch of buffoons or WORSE are on the Supreme court? Since 3 of so called conservative judges that made this idiotic ruling were named by psychopath Trump? After all we are having so called Jan/6 hearing right now to establish that Trump was a criminal or WORSE and here he has named 3 judges for life to rule over 350-Million People!

Now you may be saying "but congress passed a law after this mass shooting in Texas, wont that solve the problem"? NOT at all since it does not do anything real about restricting Guns in USA as conservative parties in UK & Australia passed strict Gun bans 20 years ago as result of which they have had Zero mass shooting since. Proof of which is that as I write this discussion I see that there was a Mass shooting in Highland Parkโ€™s Fourth of July parade were 6 Americans were shot dead.
Dont these Americans deserve the same strict Gun bans that members of Supreme court enjoy?

What do you think?

A- How can we as a Nation progress forward as all good and successful nations are, when a bunch of buffoons, aka so called Conservative justices, appointed for LIFE by Trump, are pulling us backward under the guise they are interpreting thinking of the man of 18 century!

B- Should we just pray when the next Mass shooting takes place, given that we are having nearly Daily Mass shootings in USA under our insane Gun laws supported by Republicans and dark Money behind them, or finally do something about it as UK & Australia, etc. developed Nations did 20 Years ago!
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