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Discussion By NewPope
Viewed: 1,216,729
7 months 1 week ago
7 months 1 week ago
How can Republicans be elected to any office given how utterly wrong they are on all Key issues?
Politics World, Politics USA, Law | Personal
What! GUARANTEED re- ...
What! GUARANTEED re-election
We have elections here in US On Nov/8th and Big Media, masquerading as Liberal Media, tells us that Republicans ("Repugs") are going to Win Big and take control of the Congress. But how can Repugs be elected to any office? Set aside "take over the Congress" when they are totally wrong on all key issues such as:

1- Repugs oppose sensible Gun laws that all Conservative parties, repeat all Conservative parties, in UK, Australia, etc. 100% support. As result of which while USA has horrific average of 40,000 People shot DEAD per Year avg of 60 are shot DEAD per Year in UK, Scotland, Ireland & Wales combined

2- Repugs oppose Universal Socialized Healthcare (NHS) that all Conservative parties, in UK, Australia, Canada, and all European nation 100% support. Because NHS means giving Healthcare to all your people while spending 50% less on Healthcare compared to for-profit Wall Street based Healthcare in US. As result of which US has worse Healthcare results compared to all developed Nations while spending twice as much on Healthcare

3- Repugs oppose Abortion rights which means giving Women choice over their bodies, which will result in countless American Women dying in back alley abortions. And on top of that Repugs oppose Paid Maternity Leave, that all developed Nations have, which together with NHS are essential for (non-Rich) Women to have healthy safe births and not be forced into having Abortions

4- Repugs oppose steps to address Climate Change and think Climate Change is a Liberal HOAX. While all developed Nations agree that Climate Change is an existential crisis
as per the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow Scotland. Now you may say that "Hey Repugs are only saying Climate Change is a HOAX" when running for the office but once elected they will be sane about this. No, think again. Republicans in office are going as far as boycotting and divesting from any company that is taking steps to address climate change - here and worse here and here

So how can US be a Democracy and Republicans that are insanely wrong on all issues win a single Seat in the congress, set aside win the Congress? Since of course in a Democracy people would not Vote for a party that champions killing them via insane Gun laws, in a Democracy people would not Vote for a party that champions killing them by the Millions by spending Trillions to block actions needed to address Climate Change. And in fact most Americans agree with the rest of the developed World that Climate Change is real and actions must be taken to address it. So of course if most Americans agree that Climate Change is real and needs to be addressed then they are NOT going to be Voting for Repugs that think it is HOAX and are divesting Trillions from companies working to address Climate change.

Now when you state the above facts, then the right-wing Lying Media will state that "Oh Repugs are going win based on Inflation & Crime". Which is further non-sense since USA has horrific Crime stats due to policies that Repugs and Democrats in Name Only (DINOs) champion. To see this fact consider Chicago that had horrific 769 Shooting deaths in 2020 and compare it with Toronto Canada across the great lakes from Chicago that has a greater population than Chicago and yet had a mere 39 Shooting deaths the same year. And what does Toronto Canada has that Chicago like rest of USA does not? Toronto has many more Social services such as NHS and strict Gun bans, both of which Repugs and DINOs oppose. Or take the fact that USA already has more
People in Jail than any other developed Nation
, so the answer is not more "tough on crime" but addressing the lack of Social services
that USA does not have thanks to Repugs and DINOs

And as far as Inflation goes, beside Covid policies World-Wide being behind it, is again the fact that Repugs and DINOs have failed in investing in steps that would crush inflation, such as invest in Electric powered Public transportation & High speed trains, etc.. which would allow Americans to travel free from Gas prices as Europeans do such as in Germany they could travel entire summer for mere 9-Euros

In closing of this long post, which I sincerely hope Anoox will approve for public listing, to see the bizarre state of Democracy in USA where Repugs that oppose all sensible steps that all Conservative parties in UK and other developed Nations 100% support, and yet get Elected, consider the Senate Race in South Carolina where this Tim Scott is running for re-election and he has not done a single thing for state of SC and in his campaign beside stating his family gone from Cotton pickers to him being Senator he does not state a single real tangible thing that he is going to do for People of Sc. Not even get his States 3 largest cities of Charleston, Columbia & Greenville connected with modern Train service, set aside high speed train, a short coming that you have to go to poorest of 3rd World countries to match, as result of which SC has one of the worse Death rates due to Car crashes, a rate that is 10 times worse than typical European state. And yet his re-election is GUARANTEED. How can I know that his re-election is GUARANTEED 2 Weeks before Nov/8? Fake Elections! Just Watch.

So will US be a fake Democracy as result of which Repugs will win more seats in the congress, even though they are utterly wrong on all major issues, or a real Democracy as a result of which Republicans Voted out of office en masse?

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