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My Anoox Button for My Site - For Free Traffic Exchange
Inline with our mission to create an ecosystem that empowers Small businesses, gets the best Answers out and makes maximum Social IMPACT; we give you free traffic for linking into Anoox Search engine & Social network Collective. The Free Traffic you get is via this Traffic Exchange ("Program") for unique clicks on your Anoox button placed on your Site which you can have done in 3 Easy Steps - details
  • To partake in this Program you just need to have your Site Meta Indexed by Anoox - Go Here if you have not done this already
  • And have a quality Site, one does not violate our Editorial Rules
    To meet our Editorial Rules your Site needs to be free of:
    • Any Hate based messages, call to Violence, etc.
    • SCAMs SPAMs or Fake content
    • Discrimination based on Sex Age Religion or Ethnicity
    • Get rich quick schemes, Lose weight quick schemes, etc.
    • Actions considered to be harmful
  • You earn 1 unique Free click from Anoox Collective to your Site, for each 2 unique clicks on your Anoox button
  • We use a 7 Days Cookie to make sure the clicks are unique during the last 7 days
  • We will send you Free traffic by pushing your Site listing up in the Anoox Search engine results or by displaying your listing in Anoox Social network pages
  • Once we have sent you the free clicks then your listing will go back to its natural state
  • We will generally send you Free Traffic in exchange for clicks on your button within 72 Hours of receiving the clicks from your Anoox button
  • You can get even more Free Traffic and Free Advertising too by generating your Anoox button as a member of Anoox Social network
  • This is not a Paid Advertising program. So the Free Traffic we will send you via this program is after delivering all targeted traffic to paying Advertisers and is based on extra traffic inventory we have
  • There is no Guarantee that we will be able to send you 100% Free Traffic in exchange for clicks on your Anoox button. But this is a best effort traffic sending program. Although in 95% of cases we do deliver the matching Free Traffic in exchange for clicks on your Anoox button and in many cases a few percentage more
  • If we detect any Fake Clicks on your Anoox button, your Free Traffic exchange will be canceled and your access to this Program terminated
Step - 1
Enter Your Site URL on which you are going to place your Anoox button for Free Traffic exchange
  • Your Site needs to have already been Meta Indexed by Anoox. If not, please submit your Site for Indexing here
  • We can also pull up your Site via your email used to Submit your Site
My Site URL
or email I used to Submit my Site
F A Q for Free Traffic Exchange Program
How do I track my Anoox Free Traffic Exchange results?
To do this you need to sign-up and become a free member of Anoox Social network. You will then be able to go to the page labeled "My Traffic History" where you be able to track the (unique) clicks on your Anoox button and resulting traffic exchange. Sign-up is free and takes only few minutes.

Please NOTE: Where you to generate your Traffic Exchange URL as an Anoox Social network member, you need to replace the URL generated for it as a non-member with this new URL.

How do I download my button to my Site? How do I link my button?
To do these you need to have basic HTML knowledge. If you do not have such basic HTML knowledge, please contact your Web Site developer for such assistance.
Where on my Site home-page should I place my Anoox button?
This depends on the aesthetic of your Site. So place it where it best fits with the look and feel of your Site while making your Anoox button/link so visible that your Site visitors would likely click on it.

FYI: most Site owners place their Anoox button on same area where they have their other Social Media buttons. Of course the difference being whereas other Social Media such as Facebook™, Twitter™, Linkedin™, Instagram™, etc. do not send you Free Traffic for click on their buttons, Anoox does.

Can I link from multiple pages from my Site with my Anoox button?
Yes - you can. Just make sure your Anoox button is on your home-page since our Bot will check this page for existence of your Anoox button every 30 days.
What is the difference between free Traffic via this Exchange program and other?
There are 2 Ways that you can get free Traffic from Anoox:
  • One is via this Traffic Exchange program where for clicks on your Anoox button on your Site you get matching free traffic
  • The other is for being a member of Anoox Social network and posting answers and replies that Help get the best Answers out, Help get the Truth out, and being Liked for good Helpful answers you have shared - More
How can I get Support for setting up my Anoox button?
Because we are a small non-profit mainly volunteer based organization operating this MASSIVE project composed of the Human Powered Search Engine, the Social Network to make IMPACT, and their many associated Free Services that have Millions of Monthly users and viewers, we will not be able to provide you with Free Support in regard to this Free program.

So if you need Support for setting up you Anoox button or linking with your button to Anoox, etc. please contact your Site developer and/or operator.

If you cannot get support from your Site developer, and you still need support from us you can get so by making a generous Donation and in the reason for the Donation state that you need such support. Although you should regularly and generously Donate to Anoox anyway, since we are a Donation supported Search Engine & Social Network, operating this amazing network for your Ultimate benefit - Donate

My Free Traffic Exchange application was Rejected - Why?
All applications for the Free Traffic Exchange program are reviewed by the Admin after you have activated your Anoox button and send some traffic over and generally every 90-days thereafter. Your application maybe Rejected if your Site content does not meet with our Editorial standards.
How can I get More Traffic to my Site than the little more Free Traffic I get via this Program?
  • To get even more Free Traffic, you want to become a member of Anoox Social network and post answers and replies that Help get the best Answers out, Help get the Truth out, and being Liked for the Good & Helpful answers you have shared - More
  • To get Much More Traffic to your Site you want to take advantage of the effective low cost Advertising that we offer you as the only non-profit Search engine & Social network, where your Ads are shown for Free and you are only charged for Clicks on your Ads for qualified people to come to your Site - More