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Anoox Social Search Traffic Sources & Stats
Quality Traffic based on Empowering Free services and a Global Community
Even though cost of Advertising via Anoox non-profit Search Engine & Social Network are some of the lowest, our Traffic Stats are not. In fact our Traffic stats, as you can see below are on par with some of the most watched TV shows or most read News magazines in the World.
2.65 Million
Joined Last Week
Views Last Month
13.10 Million
Where does Anoox Traffic come from?
Our Traffic comes from the host of Free Services we provide our Members and the Public at large and do so as
the only
non-profit Search Engine & Social Network. For many Anoox is the HUB of their daily Lives, since the free services we offer enables People to Connect with family friends & co-workers, Search for what they want, be more Organized and productive, plus more. Via these Free services we generate tremendous amount of Traffic, equally as important via these
data intensive
Free services we can clearly see what someone is looking for and when they are looking for it, and hence can Target your Ads to the right People at the right time, resulting in
most effective Advertising
for you
social network
Social network
For discussing Today's issues, for connecting with new People, for staying connected with friends family & co-workers. The Social Network that is dedicated to People & Small businesses on Main Street - to make Maximum
Search Engine
The Search Engine Powered by Crowd Wisdom - the People Powered Choice to Google™ monopoly over the all important Search engine, the Gateway to what People know, think & buy
Instant Messenger
We have many great services, but none probably matches the value that our Instant Messnger offers. Because it provides People with endless opportunities to connect, create, save and grow. As a result typical typical person spends on average 4 Hours per day logged into their Anoox Instant Messnger
Video Chat
To instantly & securely have WorldWide Video meetings with other members, family, friends, clients, etc. without having to download any App or Software, since it is 100% Web based. The service that has become massively more popular since Covid-19 crisis forced most People to work online and meet via Video
The AI based Note taking service - To Remember Everything - To be more organized more productive. A service that once People start using it, they wonder "How I ever lived without this", since it allows People to remeber all they want at their finger tip
Polls & Surveys
To know what your Site visitors think at your Site
See for yourself
And You can easily see for yourself how empowering and hence captivating our host of Free services are, and why Millions of People have Anoox as the HUB of their daily lives and why your Advertising will reach the right people at the right time, by simply becoming a Free member of Anoox yourself and taking advantage of our amazing free services and the massive Global community that has formed around them - Sign-Up
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