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Why Anoox?
Search engine & Social network are
essential Gatekeeper services
through which People & Businesses in Today's World decide what they Know, Buy, Like, Who they Vote for, etc. etc.. As such they are essential Gatekeeper services on par with Roads, Bridges, Trains, Healthcare, Electricity, etc. that People in the modern World cannot live without. And just as these essential services are operated in most modern Nations with some non-profit options, because they are too essential of services to put their
Profits above People
on Main Street, we need the same non-profit option for essential services of Search engine & Social network. And to date
Anoox is the only
non-profit Search engine & Social network
for 10+ Years
, developed and operated by a Global team of Volunteers
Choice makes LIFE Better - Power Corrupts & Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts
Choice is good
Choice is healthy
Choice is empowering
Choice makes LIFE Better

To see these facts, consider some analogies:

Imagine, if our choice for eating World Wide was pretty much limited to Wall Street based McDonald™?

Imagine, if our choice for shopping World Wide was pretty much limited to Wall Street based WalMart™?

Imagine, if our choice for buying Autos World Wide was pretty much limited to one Auto maker?

You can Imagine what a drab, unhealthy, stifling, nightmarish World that would be. Well, the same nightmarish scenario will be the case in regard to information and commerce if our Choice for finding things World Wide was limited to one Wall Street based search engine [1]: Google™. Because there is one TRUISM that has held through out the ages, and that is:

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Absolutely Corrupts
And the above core facts for why we need more Choices in regard to the all important Search engine, based on which Anoox was founded way back in 2004, were proven by the European Union imposing record fines of $2.7 Billion on Google on June 2017 for manipulating its search results. But in fact these fines will have little effect, if we do not have Choice.
We need our Privacy not violated at will - ALWAYS
We need much lower cost of Advertising for Small businesses
We need much More Fair Markets
For 10+ Years Anoox has been the only non-profit Choice in Search engine & Social network
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