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The non-profit Social network & Search engine Collective - Est 2004
Invest to Provide Real Choice
  • Are you a High impact investor?
  • Are you looking for an investment that allows you to make the World a better place and make Great returns?
  • Are you highly interested in Search engine & Social network, the Gateways to what People know, buy, etc.?
Then invest in a Company that allows you to make a real
while achieving ROI, not in the 10s, but in the 1000s!
Invest in Anoox non-profit, or invest to launch a for-profit version of Anoox. Of course as long as the for-profit version of Anoox in no way reduces from the missions of Anoox non-profit. For more information about the incredible investment opportunity that Anoox non-profit or the for profit version of Anoox offers: please contact us.
Top Reasons To Invest in non-Profit Version of Anoox to offer this as essential Public Service
Search engine & Social network are essential services for the well being of a Society. As such they should operate on non-profit basis so as to put the Public interest above any profit and share price motivations on Wall Street
There should at least be 1 Government funded non-profit Search engine & Social network alternative to Google™ Facebook™ Twitter™ Linkedin™ for-profit Wall Street based Search engine & Social networks
CoronaVirus crisis forcing People and Businesses to stay Home and work online, is Ultimate proof as to why we need an alternative Search engine & Social network. One that is FREE of Profit Share price limitations and biases, since so much of what the Public does depends on these essential online services
Anoox is this alternative Search engine & Social network, since after 10+ Years of development it just needs Major funding to Scale up to serve the Public at scale as a
reliable Public Service
Top Reasons To Invest To Launch For-Profit Version of Anoox
Anoox Search engine & Social network have been under real World development and testing for more than 10 Years
After 10 Years of real world use and refinement Anoox services are robust and able to Scale to Millions of Daily users
Millions of People use and trust Anoox, and will naturally be ready to start using its for-profit version
For-profit version of Anoox will have instant access to these tested and perfected Search engine & Social network technologies and user base of Millions
By investing in the for-profit version of Anoox you are investing in a unique and promising Search engine & Social network without risk of product development
For-profit version of Anoox will be fully operational within just 6 Months of having received the Series-A funding
Look at the Multi $Billion valuations of Google™, Facebook™ etc. Search engine & Social networks and imagine the ROI you can have investing in for-profit version of Anoox Search engine & Social network at Series-A round
We have many ideas to massively increase Traffic post securing this funding, which ideas you can be sure we will execute, given how much we have got done with no funding
With the right Investor Partner we believe that it is within our reach to become one of the
Top 100 destinations
in the World, delivering massive ROI to our investors
Not an investor, but you want to connect us with the right people to bring about this funding?
Then please contact us as well since we have an excellent "Finder's Fee" if via your reference we do close on an investment deal.