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Our Manifesto: Give 100% Profits away
Social & Environmental Causes
We are
the only non-profit
Search engine & Social network
in the World
, dedicated to the Goals of putting Social, Environmental & Small Business causes above any Profit & share prices on Wall Street. Toward these Goals, we strive to give-away
up to 100%
of our Net Profits on Annual basis, as detailed below, to Organizations working to make maximum positive Social & Environmental Impacts, as long as our financial conditions allow us to do so -
First, We are not under any legal obligation to give our profits away, but this is something we strive to do since we care Not about Maximizing revenues and resulting profit & share prices on Wall Street, but we only care about doing Maximum Good. And as such, we want to support as much as we can organizations working along with us to make Maximum Small business, Social and Environmental IMPACT.

With that said, we say as long as our financial conditions allow us to do so, because to operate a self-funded non-profit company, specially in the Internet industry where for-profit companies are getting $100-Mill in Series-A, $500-Mill+ in Series-B/C and Billions in IPO; is a
near impossible challenge
. As evident by the fact that Anoox is the only non-profit Search engine & Social network in the World that has stayed in business passed 3 Years. Set aside the fact that we have stayed in business past 10+ Years now - Info. So we have achieved more than anyone thought possible, but for us to achieve far more, such as deliver a Search engine that can actually Scale to deliver real Choice to Google™ monopoly over search, is going to take 10s of Million Dollars in funding. In particular it is going to take about $50-Mill in funding. Now as large as $50-Mill is, consider the fact that it is less than 1% of funding that Google™ & Facebook™ have received, and less than what most Series-A fundings of Internet companies are Today as per above examples. So we would like to get such funding via a one time or an Annual Grant, which means we would not have to pay it back, in which case then we will be able to stick with our 100% profit give-away goals as listed here. But if we cannot get it as a Grant and can get it only as an investment, then in fulfilling the obligations of this investment we may have to curtail or end our profit Give away program in part or in whole.

Are you a Government Organization or a High impact investor that wants to make a real Social impact, by helping Anoox to grow to offer real Choice in regard to all important Search engine & Social network - contact us

We are not a non-profit as defined under 501(c)3
We are not a non-profit as defined under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service code. Because we are not a non-profit so that when someone makes a Donation to us they can deduct it from their Taxes, we are a non-profit because we are dedicated to putting the Public interest over any profit and share price motivations.
Our Goal is not to generate any Profits
It is not our goal and mission to generate profits, and then to give them away. Our mission, is to use the awesome power of Search engine & Social network to make maximum Social IMPACT and to deliver lowest cost Advertising to small businesses free of any profit motivations. So in fact if we could we would generate no Profits at all and would be quite happy with that. But the fact of the matter is that we may generate profits, so should we generate any profits, then we are committed to give most of it away to organizations working to make maximum positive Social & Environmental Impacts.
When do we generate Profits
In the simplest terms, when we say profits, we mean what is left over after normal business expenses are deducted from all the revenues we generate. And our revenues come from 3 main areas: sale of advertising, premium member fees and donations. So after we have paid all our expenses, from Salaries of our staff, to Office expenses, to Travel expenses, to any financial obligations we have, etc.. then what is left over is our Gross Profits. From which Gross we set aside 50% to cover revenue short falls in future months, to cover up to 6 months of our expenses, to cover any bonuses, and to cover our Future Growth Fund; what is left over is then our Net Profits which we give away.
Our expenses are mainly for our Staff Salaries
We pay our staff on par with what University staff are paid. So no one here at Anoox is paid Multi-Million Dollars, set aside Multi-Billion Dollars, compensations, as top Brass of Big Wall Street based search engines social networks are paid. So that we can pass Maximum value to our community and put Social & Environmental causes 1st.
  • Our software developers are paid on par with a University professor
  • Our Managers and Directors are paid on par with a University Dean
  • Our Managing Director is paid on par with a University President
Our break even point
Currently our break even point is at about $350K per Month. That is this is the amount we need to cover the salaries of our 30 member team and to cover expenses from Hosting fees, to Travel, etc.. Now to put this into perspective, Wall Street based Social networks and Search engines spend $350K and more per Minute. So the fact that we can operate Anoox Social networks and Search engines with such relatively minuscule $350K per Month is indeed an incredible fact and testimony to how we run this organization with minimal expenses so as to do maximum good for our community and causes.
But in fact this issue is far more complex, since for us to do much more, would require 1000s of Servers and a 24/7 NOC, and a staff size of more like 300 people, and this can most likely only come from outside funding. Now we would like to get such funding via a Grant, which means we would not have to pay it back, but if we cannot get it as a Grant and can get it only as an investment, then these Financial obligations would become part of our expenses of course. And in either case, once we have such funding or organic growth, then our break even point will change accordingly.
Organizations we hope to support with our Profits
Below is a current list of Organizations we hope to support with our Profit giveaway program: Are you an organization working toward making Maximum Social & Environmental IMPACT, or want to recommend such an organization, to receive part of our future Profits?
If yes, Let Us Know. But please only do so, if you meet our minimum requirements for sharing in our Profit Giveaway program -
  • You are located, and your bank account is located, in: European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
  • You have a quality Web Site, that is not hosted on a free hosting place and developed to a high standard
  • Your email address is not from a free email provider but matches your FQDN
  • You have been in operation for at least 3 Years
  • Your core mission is to make Social & Environmental IMPACT, whether as a for-profit or non-profit
Profit give away process
On Feb/15 of each New Year our CPA accountant will inform us if we have generated any Net Profits for the prior Year. If we have then we will take 90 days to look into the list of current or new Organizations we hope to support with our Profit giveaway program and willl distribute our Profits to these Organizations, that are working to make maximum positive Social & Environmental Impacts, at the ratio of no less than 1% and no more than 10% of our Net Profits to a single Organization.
It is a privilege to share our story and manifesto with you, and the values that have guided us since our founding and are guiding us to go forward. We hope that many other businesses will follow suit and like us put Social and Environmental causes above Profits and Share prices on Wall Street. We truly believe that the world would be a better place if more businesses were driven by meaningful causes rather than driven by maximizing profits and share prices. These facts have become crystal clear with the incredible disruption to the business & life due to CoronaVirus, where many small businesses will suffer, even go out of business, because they have no access to low cost Advertising
, and no access to Capital. Whereas the 0.1% Wall Street connected businesses will be able to access 100s of Millions of Dollars even Billions of Dollars, samples of which you can see here and here, to dominate even more markets, to have even more of the immense value that the Internet can generate going to the Wall Street based Businesses. A most unfair markets, that we can try to address by coming together via non-profit Search engine & Social network Collectives, of which Anoox is still the ONLY one 10+ Years and counting, and supporting one another, as a result of which we can be Richer based on our Collective support of one another - Get Involved.
Managing Director -
B. Dean Ansari
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